Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where's That Stolen SUV?

Did someone steal your SUV?

Maybe you can find it Syria!

The FBI's counterterrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering that some of the vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen in the United States, according to senior government officials.

...The inquiry began after coalition troops raided a bomb-making factory in Fallujah last November and found a sport utility vehicle registered in Texas that was being prepared for a bombing mission.

Investigators said they are comparing several other cases where vehicles evidently stolen in the United States wound up in Syria or other Middle East countries and ultimately into the hands of Iraqi insurgent groups -- including Al Qaeda in Iraq, led by Jordanian-born Abu Musab Al Zarqawi

So how do you spell "Chop-Shop" in Arabic?

HT: Clay Cramer


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Dubya:

This is all Bill Clinton's fault, right Dick.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot (to paraphrase Dubya again).

Dad29, we got to get our friends, the Swift Boaters for the Truth, to investigate how and why Hillary weaseled her way our of the Viet Nam War!

Brother James said...

It's ironic that american SUVs are being used to blow up troops in Iraq, considering that the troops are over there BECAUSE OF american SUVs. A double whammy.

Anonymous said...

Damn, maybe that's where my car went?

Jan Sobieski said...

How do you spell chop shop in Arabic?

Something like this: ساطور متجر

As for the comments thus far...St. Jimbob, why is this ironic? Please expand on your thoughts.