Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reflection on "The Wisconsin Way"

One other thought and a P.S. on "The Wisconsin Way."

Their interest is in removing (or substantially reducing) both school and County taxes applied as property-tax. Since they cannot seem to utter the words "reduce spending" in that precise sequence, however, there are few options remaining.

Increase income taxes. Increase sales taxes. Increase "fee" revenues.

In the first two instances, the State's coffers get larger. The "fee" item may or may not be State revenue--but in any case, the money will be almost insignificant in comparison to a State income-tax or sales-tax increase sufficient to offset loss of prop-tax revenues.

Now it is presumed that the State's revenue bulge will be temporary--that the State will merely serve as a conduit to Schools and Counties (less the transfer-fees, of course).

But that ignores the Golden Rule: "He who has the gold makes the rules."

So, whether in 3, 5, or 20 years, the State will be making all the rules for Counties and Schools, because, after all, the State will be funding them.

So much for the idea of 'local control,' and the Principle of Subsidiarity. Put another way, Statism will have emerged victorious.

P. S. Do you think that the Counties will disband themselves because they no longer collect or spend money? What about the School Boards and Administrations?

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