Friday, November 16, 2007

The Reality of Education

Of course, G K Chesterton said it.

WHEN society is in rather a futile fuss about the subjection of women, will no one say how much every man owes to the tyranny and privilege of women, to the fact that they alone rule education until education becomes futile?

For a boy is only sent to be taught at school when it is too late to teach him anything. The real thing has been done already, and thank God it is nearly always done by women. Every man is womanized, merely by being born.

They talk of the masculine woman; but every man is a feminized man. And if ever men walk to Westminster to protest against this female privilege, I shall not join their procession. --Orthodoxy

Of course, this raises the question about the nature and temperament of mothers in Milwaukee who raise gang-bangers and dope dealers...but then, the fickle finger points wherever...

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Display Name said...

It's not like the "muscular Christianity" movement has disappeared. Google "the power team". They're still breakin' stuff for Jesus.