Friday, November 09, 2007

Tennessee: The Regime Cracks Down

See, once you spend a lotta money you HAVE to get the revenues.

Not only does the State of Tennessee intend to spy on folks shopping for cigarettes in neighboring States (to avoid the confiscatory new cig-tax)--

the State now sees a revenue-threat in the Grandpa Crowd.

Police in Tennessee broke up a local poker came they say was run by 82-year-old World Series of Poker vet Paul McKinney. McKinney and 15 others were arrested (one on a charge of possessing moonshine). Scary photo of police-seized contraband poker chips here.

Paul McKinney and the others were sitting around a table playing poker Friday night when the raid occurred, police said. Authorities said they seized cash, playing cards and poker chips, as well as betting slips for the weekend's sporting events.

Not all that different from the Wisconsin Revenooers' decision to collect income tax from Green Bay folks who rented parking spaces on their lawns for Packer games (later rescinded...)

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