Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kindle? I'd Rather Use Matches

Curt Jester happens to be a technophile and has a critique of the Amazon Kindle:

Three years in the making and much delayed and they came up with a device obviously designed by a committee where little interest was paid to people who would want an e-book reader in the first place. Now if I wanted to design an e-book reader that was sure to fail and possibly serve as a tax write off like in The Producers these are some of the features I would include.
  • Charge $399 for the reader.
  • Make it really ugly with lots of angles.
  • Make it incompatible with the ebook format you use to sell.
  • Not allow you to add your own files such as PDF, docs, and text without going through the companies site with a fee attached.
  • Charge you two bucks for books available for free at Project Gutenberg.
  • Allow you to read from a group of blogs selected by the company and then charge you $1 to $2 a month for each blog you subscribe to.
  • Have EVDO available but not WI-FI.
  • Charge you $14 dollars a month to view newspaper content freely available on the web.
    Add a crappy cover that won't last long.


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