Saturday, November 17, 2007

PRChina: Economic Mouse? No More War??

Captain Ed cites a new report which plays a different tune than most.

China's economy is 40 percent smaller than most recent estimates, a US economist said Wednesday, citing data from the Asian Development Bank and guidelines from the World Bank.

Albert Keidel, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a former US Treasury official and World Bank economist, made the comments in a report published by the US think tank and in a commentary in the Financial Times.

That economist also postulated that PRChina has been spending a lotta money on 'moving its population above the poverty line.'

Yah, well, maybe. PRChina's Commies-in-Charge have used bullets to reduce the number of impoverished peasants for well over 50 years, and there's no reason to believe that that particular method has fallen out of favor.

Of course, this report (if true) ALSO throws a large monkey-wrench into the FreeTraitor argument that 'PRChina is the largest consumer market in the Universe!!!!!' justifying moving production assets to that slave-labor/theft-of-patent-and-copyright Workers' Paradise.

The Captain fails to mention that angle.

Then the Captain, normally a level-headed type, starts buying into the peacenik flappayappa(!!):

It may also have some impact on long-term military planning here in the US, taking us from a near-panic mode to something more rational, allowing us to plan wisely for growth in our Pacific assets without provoking an arms race that neither country can afford.

So all that stuff the Pentagon's Intel people give us is what....propaganda?

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