Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home Depot's Command-Economy Tricks

A floodlight burned out. It's our "critterwatch" flood, one of a pair focused on the back yard, where wildlife occasionally wanders through in the evening.

Them critters which we don't shoot we watch. Some are very cute.

So, anyway, to replace the floodlight, I trek over to Home Despot Depot.

The old one was a 150-watt incandescent.

Spent about 3 full minutes looking at the light-display. Up, down, sideways; walk back and forth, looking high and low.

Zero, Zip, Nada 150-watters. None.

The Despot went "green" on my behalf. Best I can get is a 90-watter, non-incandescent--some sort of rare-earth metallic compound.

Let's hope Lowe's understands "market-demand" retailing, eh?

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