Friday, November 16, 2007

Democrat Common Sense?

Well, ain't this interesting?

Three state lawmakers are asking for an audit of the University of Wisconsin athletic department's contract with the Big Ten Network.

In a letter sent to the co-chairs of the Joint Audit Committee last week, Reps. David Travis, D-Madison, Frank Boyle, D-Superior, and Mary Hubler, D-Rice Lake, asked for an audit of the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics at the UW-Madison.

They asked the same question I did:

"How did Wisconsin get in the position that its public university can't televise its own games on public television?" Travis asked during an interview Thursday.

"Everybody is lateraling the ball here" by shifting the blame for the agreement, he said.

"Nobody is taking responsibility for it."



James Wigderson said...

I did not realize it was the responsibility of the university and the state senate to provide us with free entertainment.

Dad29 said...

So long as Wisconsin taxpayers provide the money for "Entertainment", then we are, in fact, entitled to it.

UW-Madistan can wiggle and obfuscate all they want--money's fungible.

Display Name said...

Wig, is your objection to the "free" part or the "entertainment" part, or to tax-supported sports in general?