Friday, November 23, 2007

Cranmer's Dead! Long Live Cranmer!!

Some Englishmen still think Henry VIII was right.

Earlier this year Benedict XVI finally sacked Archbishop Piero Marini, the liberal papal Master of Ceremonies who is strongly opposed to the Pope’s liturgical reforms. A furious Marini has now written a book ...

And guess where the book is being launched? In the throne room of Archbishop’s House, Westminster, by His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor.


You may prophesy in the combox which US prelate will host a similar rebellion when the book is launched here.

Of course, "launch" and "hurl" are interchangeable terms with respect to Marini's screed.

HT: Damian Thompson

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Brother James said...

I see so many possibilities..

If Marini dresses in drag, he could launch in San Francisco without the bishop noticing.

If Marini sneaks in across the Mexico-US border, he'd get a warm welcome in Los Angeles.

If Marini brings his fly rod, he may catch something in Erie, PA.