Friday, November 16, 2007

Know Your News Source

It's common knowledge that the MSM leans (if not falls) Left, and that the Wall Street Journal is lefty on the news pages and right-ish on the editorial side, although a number of observers (myself included) are chary of the WSJ's corporate toady-ism.

Who knew that Dow Jones/WSJ is tight with a bunch of Islamists?

While the Wall Street Journal has recently published articles with criticism of politicians who link Islam to terrorism, the Wall Street Journal's financial reporting on Shariah finance seems to show no understanding of the political ideology of Islamism. An August 9, 2007 Wall Street Journal article clearly states WSJ's view of Shariah as "Islamic law" which "stems from the Quran and subsequent interpretations by scholars". Neither the Wall Street Journal nor Dow Jones addresses the role of Shariah as part of the Islamist political ideology, or the role of Islamist political ideology in promoting Jihad. The WSJ and Dow Jones efforts are effectively legitimizing the political Islamist ideology by defining Shariah as "Islamic law" and developing financial vehicles based on that ideology -- one that is not shared by Muslims that view Shariah law as neither "Islamic" nor compatible with the norms of modern society.

If you've heard Limbaugh lately, you know that the propaganda war is on. He's spent a lot of air-time yapping about the Wonders of the UAE...

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