Monday, November 26, 2007

Slogans for Planned Parenthood

Evidently one of the Planned Barrenhood chapters had a contest for a new slogan.

The Curt Jester submitted several entries:

*Making womb and tomb synonymous

* Depopulating the world one person at a time.

* Life without consequences

* Keeping minorities minorities

* Reach out and abort someone

* Betcha can't kill just one

* Giving breath to the culture of death

* Where is everyone?

* Doing our best to reduce class size

* 30 years of providing incest and statutory rape protection

* Support your local Abortuary

* Keeping predatory males happy

* Have you plunged forceps into your kid today?

For some reason, none of those were winners. Nor was his effort even acknowledged!

We'll acknowledge them here and spread the word, CJ!


Anonymous said...

Hello Death Hut!!! Will this be for pick-up or partial delivery?

Al said...

Given their promotion of a sex ed book for kids that is obscene a good slogan might be:

"Planned Parenthood!
Your 1 Stop Source for Porn & Murder!"