Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fun With "Jed" and "Wilbur"

Ah, those cute little Lefties.

Stamping their feets, squalling, shrieking, and attempting humor without a license (nor a humorous bone in their bodies...) It's enough to make me ask 'em to just go hide behind their own skirts.

"Jed" and "Wilbur" take exception to a couple of posts, here and here.

(I KNOW that school's out for a lot of the kiddies, and Mom lets them play with the computer.)

By the way, judging from my Sitemeter, "Jed" and "Wilbur" work for Milwaukee County.


The Badgerland Conservative said...

Ah, our tax dollar at work.

I think I saw them the other day. Hiding under a bridge. Asked me I'd seen any Billy Goats.

Anonymous said...


What do you mean "work for" Milwaukee County?

We sit around all day, shooting rubber bands, looping paper clips, tossing balled up paper into wastebaskets, having office parties, hosting office pools, playing solitaire, drinking taxpayer paid for coffee (we buy the very best from Fair Trade), listening to our hero Mike McGee (WE can hardly wait till December 1when we can get his nomination papers signed during our numerous coffee breaks) collecting for the Interfaith Council, calling our crack dealers, making deals on 1970's era big GOLD CADILLACS, calling on our hoes, checking on our fraudulent welfare/food stamp claims, making gun deals and on the day we get our BIG FAT COUNTY PAYCHECKS-we go shopping in our neighborhoods to keep the money in the ghetto.

We don't even know how to type!


Display Name said...

Chattering ch-ch-trolls and billy goats, Peter? You must be seeing things.

I think I'm seeing a trend among several conservative blogs. Accuse people of being trolls when they disagree; accuse them of sock puppetry without presenting any evidence; out the anonymous based on IP address when it's convenient for ridicule.

What's your policy on outing anonymous visitors? Fair game when they disagree with you; irrelevant when they agree?

Dad29 said...

Actually, John, these fakes are so obnoxious that I think it's a public service to 'out' their blog-viewing habits.

There are plenty of hits to this blog from Milwaukee County that I haven't mentioned---until these/this joker showed up.