Monday, November 12, 2007

News. Not Necessarily Good OR Bad. Just News

Mentioned by TNLM:

According to EWTN (I didn't watch the proceedings), there are two pieces of news on the the proposed music document that had been scheduled to be considered at the Fall USCCB meeting: 1) it has been downgraded from particular law to advisory, which means that it will not have the same binding status and will not require Rome's approval, and 2) it has been otherwise withdrawn because there were 100 pages of proposed changes and there was no way it could be tackled at the USCCB meeting.

The document's contents were not well-known outside USCC circles.

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Chironomo said...

I saw this yesterday as well... there doesn't seem to be any further development on the story.. the document was pulled and that's it for now. You'd think that with ten drafts already, the kinks would have been worked out enough to not generate 100 pages of proposed revisions on the floor! My guess is that Trautmann is handing this off to Seratelli... what do you think?