Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ruuudeee!! Should Get the Illegal Alien Vote, Too!

Pat Robertson and the Illegal Aliens--not to mention the "Declare War on the Entire Middle East" gang.

Rudy-backers, all.

Given that, and Ruuuudeeee's statist attitude toward gun ownership, (the 2A should not be operative in "large cities...")--how the Hell is this guy given serious consideration?

As to the illegals:

New York City’s sanctuary policy was created in 1989 by Mayor Ed Koch and upheld by every mayor succeeding him.

When Congress enacted immigration reform laws that forbade local governments from barring employees from cooperating with the INS, Mayor Rudy Giuliani filed suit against the feds in 1997. He was rebuffed by two lower courts, which ruled that the sanctuary order amounted to special treatment for illegal aliens and were nothing more than an unlawful effort to flaunt federal enforcement efforts against illegal aliens. In January 2000, the Supreme Court rejected his appeal, but Giuliani vowed to ignore the law.

So let's make it clear: Ruuuudeeee! has a "selective obedience" policy toward Federal immigration laws.

THIS is the guy being boomed by a local RadioGuy for the (R) nomination?

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