Sunday, November 25, 2007

Woopsy! Missed!! Too Bad!

A simple phone call or two might have been smart, boyzzz.

A SWAT team from the Milwaukee Police Department burst into Denise Berndsen's apartment and turned the place upside down looking for evidence of child porn...

A friggin' SWAT TEAM? For a child porn bust? That's the first question I might have asked, but certainly not the only one...

...they roughed up Berndsen, who had returned home from back surgery that day, her 74-year-old father, and a man she had just started dating and who for a few terrifying minutes wondered what he got himself into.

The second question: why didn't the DA (or the cop-shop) do the elementary stuff?

The man they were targeting had moved out five weeks earlier

A West Allis police report put it this way: "It was later determined MPD's suspect had moved out sometime in mid to late September, and we were now talking to the new tenants."

Actually it was more like Sept. 6, said the landlord, who asked that her name not be dragged into this.


Sure, we want the kiddie porn types to be ...ah...dis-welcomed.

But a full-game SWAT team? No due diligence?

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Brother James said...

Real-time intelligence in expensive. Surveillance to verifiy target is expensive. Making arbitrary invasions of people's homes: Priceless.