Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miller Boycott in Full Swing

Somehow or other, I didn't see this mentioned in the Milwaukee JS.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue released the following statement today regarding the league’s protest of Miller beer:

“Last week we sent some photos of the Miller-sponsored Folsom Street Fair to all the pastors of the 166 Protestant churches in Milwaukee. Today we are blanketing all the synagogues and mosques in Milwaukee; we are asking rabbis and imams for their assistance in protesting Miller’s anti-religion agenda. Next week we will target another segment of the Milwaukee community.

Our anti-Miller PR campaign and boycott of Miller beer will continue on a weekly basis until such time that the Miller Brewing Company issues a statement reassuring Americans that it will never again promote an anti-religious event. There are signs that our boycott is working.

While one doesn't expect that Miller's sales will drop precipitously, there's little doubt that there has been an effect.