Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Myth: That the MPD Can Reduce Crime

All this chatter about who will be selected, what they will "do" about crime, yada yada yada....

The link is to a very-insightful post by Greg Borowski, but here's the flawed statement:

"The pressure that exists is to find a police chief who will reduce crime and make Milwaukee feel like a safe place." (Jeff Fleming, spinmeister)

It just ain't going to happen that way, folks.

The cop-shop is largely re-active. When they have been pro-active, one of two things happens:

1) Crime goes elsewhere for the time being;
2) Commanders get busted and/or fired/"resigned."

Far more important, (even E. Kane gets it, mostly) it's the disintegration of the black family which is the root-cause.

But that's a topic which is NOT mentioned in polite, liberal, society. Not even in churches.

Too bad.

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Anonymous said...

"2) Commanders get busted and/or fired/"resigned."

Let's not forget "retired"...