Friday, October 26, 2007

Chesterton on Psychology

In brief, he's not sold:

Our fathers did not talk about psychology; they talked about a knowledge of Human Nature. But they had it, and we have not. They knew by instinct all that we have ignored by the help of information. For it is exactly the first facts of human nature that are now being ignored by humanity.

HT: Happy Catholic


Billiam said...

How true. We see it's result everywhere we look.

capper said...

Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce.

the Druid

Just something I saw on a t-shirt. (Yes, I bought it too.) But I do fear people have lost the ability to be honest with themselves about themselves and their motivations. They do need to regain their insight, and I do not refer to the blabbing talk show, either, but genuine soul-searching, painful insight.