Saturday, October 20, 2007

City of Greendale's Equipment in Madison

Somehow, the MSM failed to print this picture taken at the taxpayers' rally in Madistan the other day:

How is it that Greendale (and other, unidentified) Fire Department uniforms are being worn in MADISON?
Do they have a mutual-aid pact? And does it cover non-fire events?
Greendale taxpayers may want to know!
Picture Credit: Jiblog


Patrick said...

Citizens for Responsible Government have already filed open records requests trying to get those answers.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how they got themselves there? Fire dept. vehicle? That would have been pretty bold.

Anonymous said...

Dad29, I addressed this over at Owen's blog. But in short, that turnout gear could very likely be the firefighter's personal property. In many departments, the firefighters have to purchase their own gear subject to a city specification for the gear. Firefighters use their uniform allowance to do that. Other city's provide the gear (mine did) but it is up to the firefighter to take care of it and when they leave employment, that gear is either given to them or retired. At my department. new hires were given new gear unless the city was going to buy new gear in that same year. We replaced gear about every 5 years. The stuff is not cheap. But the city cannot afford to lose a lawsuit because a firefighter was killed or injured wearing old or worn-out gear. The stuff doesn't have all that long of a lifespan even with moderate use. Five years is just about average for turnout gear. The reason that the firefighters in that picture were there in their turnouts is that Greendale runs a short-staffed fire department. That means that the guys work a lot of overtime or get called back fairly often. It is easier for them and faster for the city for the guys to take their gear home with them and then report right to the station where they are needed rather than head to their home station, get their gear, and head to where they are needed.