Friday, October 19, 2007

Sen. Reid (D-Land Deals): Cough Up the Money!

Harry Reid is now vying with GrannyNancy to be remembered as the stupidest national political figure in US history.

It's a close race.

Harry (Land-Deal) got 40 other US Senators to sign a letter blatantly threatening Rush Limbaugh's First Amendment rights based on a falsehood cooked up by the Soros gang.

Limbaugh didn't even have to use half his brain to make a monkey out of Harry--he offered the letter for sale, and will PERSONALLY match the high-bid--with all proceeds to go to a charity which provides tuition-assistance to children of armed-forces and civilian police killed in the line of duty.

The letter will go for over $2 million, and Rush will write a check for a like amount.

Harry (Land-Deal) Reid, always a fool, will have it played out in national headlines.


Billiam said...

This little episode has actually caused me to start listening to Rush again. I'm enjoying watching the 'pig's' make bigger fools of themselves than I already thought them.

Random10 said...

I can't help thinking some of the 41 signed simply because a young staffer put the paper in front of them. You would think Hillary would be smarter than to buy into this PR gimmick. Smartest woman in the world, ya know. Oh, and uniquely qualified.