Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GWB v. The State of Texas--and vs. the 2A

Pay attention to The Decider's antics in the Medellin case. (Scroll to Kopel's 10/10 5:31 entry)

The short course: Texas decided to execute a slimeball for heinous offense. Mexico brought suit on behalf of the slimeball in the World Court, and won. GWB decided to back the World Court and his AG is now arguing before the Supremes that the World Court's decision is binding on the State of Texas, because of some technical issues AND because GWB has "foreign policy" primacy.

That's not all. Volokh has an even more chilling scenario which is entirely possible, maybe even probable. Should Medellin be decided favoring the President's argument, it's 'buh-bye Second Amendment'.

How can a guy who's so good on some things be SOOOOOO bad on others?

I cannot resist the temptation use appellations such as George Globaloney II.

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steveegg said...

I believe the operative phrase is "cold, dead hands", placed right after "overheated barrel".

I will not be going alone.

Dad29 said...

In my case, it will be "overheated barrelS"--emphasis on the plural.

BTW, I don't think that the Armed Forces of the USA will be following a C-in-C's orders if it comes to disarming the country.

That will be the beginning of the Second American Revolution.