Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jay Leno's Right: Jurors Are the Weak Link

It's a running joke with Leno, and there's plenty of material in Hollywood: the juries who acquitted OJ, Spector, etc., etc.,

But sometimes juries screw up on important stuff, like terrorism-funding schemes such as the "Holy Land Foundation."

"She looked at the judge and said she was confused. He just looked at her. There's not much you can say to that. Ignorance is a formidable weapon. You can't attack it."

Then there's this one:

The forewoman of the jury wrote at the beginning of deliberations, "Who were the expert witnesses?" -- this, after having listened to two months of testimony.


HT: Dreher

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Billiam said...

Dad, I've been saying it for years. People are stupid.