Thursday, October 18, 2007

Law School Lawsuit

Tom Monaghan is a peculiar fellow--perhaps a little too much pepperoni-ingestion or something.

At any rate, he has a problem on his hands:

Three professors from Tom Monaghan's Ave Maria School of Law filed a multi-part complaint against Thomas Monaghan, Bernard Dobranski and associated entities in Washtenaw County Circuit Court on Oct. 17.

Monaghan serves as Chair of the Board of Governors and Dobranski is the President and Dean. The three professors claim that they were removed from their positions in retaliation for their having reported illegal conduct by Monaghan and Dobranski to law enforcement and other governmental agencies, and for refusing to go along with Monaghan's attempts to improperly control the Board by permitting his private, conflicting interests to supersede the best interests of the law school, including his attempt to re-locate the school from Ann Arbor to property Monaghan owns and desires to develop in "Ave Maria Town" Florida. Monaghan has claimed that the Virgin Mary personally directed him to develop Ave Maria Town and Ave Maria University in Southwest Florida

Those are fairly serious charges.

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