Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some Laws Are Meant to be Busted

The Party-In-Government (PIG) bunch writes its own rules. You, working-stiff taxpayers--just STFU and pay the bill. After all, the State has the guns and the Capitol Police will make certain that you don't cause trouble... legislator will admit to inserting certain provisions into a state budget, and public records don't give clues as to who pushed for them. Legislative files detailing who wrote some of those measures will forever remain secret under state law, according to the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Read that bold/red again.

So we have millions of tax dollars going into asinine "projects," and YOU cannot find out who is spending the money which YOU have to send to Madistan?

Sometimes it is appropriate to physically abuse Legislators. This would be one of those times.

Maybe the CIA can send a few extra water-boards?

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steveegg said...

Who's the first to get the wet towel down the throat treatment?