Thursday, October 25, 2007

...and Some GOOD News!

The Win Model 70 is back!!!!

The Winchester Model 70 is one of the most respected bolt-action rifle designs in the world. Winchester Repeating Arms is excited to announce the return of the Model 70 for 2008.

The All-American Model 70s will be built by American craftsmen in Columbia, South Carolina, at the same state-of-the-art factory (FN Manufacturing) as the rifles and machine guns used by America’s Armed Forces. They are made to the exact ISO 9001 standard of quality that the U.S. Government insists upon for military firearms.

For 2008 the new Model 70 has the all new M.O.A.™ Trigger System, improved fit and finish and enhanced accuracy to go along with its classic Pre-64 Controlled Round Feeding, Three-Position safety and solid, sure handling.

This was the rifle most commonly used as the sniper-rifle during Vietnam (and afterwards.)

It'll be chambered for .30-06 and .300 WinMag. About $1000.00 list.

HT: Arms and the Law

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Billiam said...

That's a good thing. Sweet!