Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Channel 4 Nears Hysteria: Darth to "Shut Down" Gummint


To the surprise of absolutely no one, DarthDoyle declared parts of the State Government "non-essential" and he may shut them down in the next, oh, ........well......soon......maybe.

That was enough to get a reporter from Channel 4 out there, and enough to elicit Real Concerned Looks from C. Meekins and M. Jacobs.

Real Concern!!

But there's a bright side to this, folks. When Darth closes down "non-essential" Gummint units, the perspicacious Republicans may take him at his word--and eliminate funding for those units in the next budget.

Meantime, Channel 4 perpetuates the myth that Wisconsin "does not have a budget." In fact, the State HAS a budget--which is a zero-increase budget. It's the last one.

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Headless Blogger said...

Thanks for pointing this out. It is another opportunity to take a poke at my friend who "works" in the Department of Commerce.