Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nichols: It's VanHollen's Fault!!

Mike Nichols is usually a common-sense kinda guy, reminiscent of a deservedly-famous and beloved Chicago columnist. I like his stuff.

So when Nichols jumps all over a minister for calling the Crandon Shooter "a victim," he speaks for, oh, a few million residents of Wisconsin, who don't have the capacity for cognitive dissonance that ministry (evidently) confers.

But it's also clear that Nichols has a hair-trigger reflex action when limits on ink-stained wretches come up.

The ridiculous portrayal of Peterson as victim is not just the fault of the people who hold that view, or of the media.

It's largely the fault of our attorney general in this state, who said that the families of some of the victims "asked me to ask the community at large to stop talking to the press. As such, we in the law enforcement community will do our part by having no further comments to the press from Forest County."

Umnnnhhh...OK, Mike. I'll grant you that VanHollen's statement was, at best, ill-advised, even if he was only following the requests of FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE VICTIMS (as your own writing testifies.)

But "It's All VanHollen's Fault"?


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