Friday, October 26, 2007

Barbers, Liquor Distributors, RoadBuilders...the Oligopoly Gang

Yah, sure, it's all about "protecting" the consumers.

A proposed change in regulating Wisconsin's brew pubs would hamper growth of two Milwaukee-based businesses and should be vetoed by Gov. Jim Doyle

(He didn't. After all, WOW Distributing has a LOT of money.)

...the bill should have been considered as stand-alone legislation, which would provide a chance for debate and discussion. He said it was added to the budget "at the behest of beer wholesalers."

IIRC, those "non-budget" items don't stand up very well to Court scrutiny.

Wholesalers buy beer from breweries and sell it to retailers, including restaurants and taverns. Brew pubs, however, sell primarily their own brands of beer, which are brewed on-site - a process that bypasses wholesalers.

"There's no public policy rationale for this," Grothman said. "This is pure power politics."

So are State Budget items requiring RoadBuilders and General Contractors to build State stuff, regardless of need or the screwing of the taxpayers.

What's new, Glenn?

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