Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hildebeeste Panders to AFSCME: Taxpayers to Fund More Vacations

Oh, why not?

Under Mrs. Clinton's proposal, the federal government would spend more than $1 billion a year to encourage states to operate their own paid family leave programs with a goal of having a program in every state by 2016. In addition, Mrs. Clinton also hoped to expand the Family Medical Leave Act to cover an additional 13 million workers. The act provides unpaid leave to new parents, workers caring for sick family members, and those recovering from illness. In addition, the presidential candidate said she would increase funding for child-care programs.

Beyond paid vacations, paid holidays, and paid sick-leave, HRC wants States to pay for "family leave."

And, of course, the Federal taxpayer will support that, too!

Can anyone spell AFSCME?

HT: THe Captain

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capper said...

Dad, you are aware of course that the FMLA time comes out of the employee's sick time, vacation time, etc. before it even harms the employer. The only companies that would lose are the ones that don't offer these basic benefits.