Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Observations from Madistan

Went out there. Had a decent (not great) corned-beef sandwich in an Irish-themed pub on the Square. Parked at an expired meter--no ticket!

Observed about 400 Union folks rallying for a massive tax increase (about $2.3 billion)--heavily salted with members of the State workers' unions--firemen, teachers, corrections-department types, and of course the SEIU and the Operators (who want more State buildings to be built.)

That group was impolite--and a few will leave with hearing-loss because one of their idiots managed to set up a loudspeaker-feedback which was extremely obnoxious. Serves them right.

UPDATE: Here are comments about that noisy crowd of oinkers from a fellow on THEIR side of the line. "Caffeinated" is right--the squealing, shouting, drooling, gaggle of people get no respect--which is about what they deserve, aside from the busted eardrums.

The anti-tax crowd was smaller (after all, we took UN-paid time to be there.) Owen and Fred spoke for the Blog-Crowd.

Reince Priebus gave a very, very good speech! Didn't think he had it in him. He did state that the Republican Party would not sign onto ANY tax increase. We'll see. Scuttlebut has it that the smokers and the MD's are already road-kill under the Tax Bus.

Great day for a rally, well-organized by AFT.

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