Friday, October 19, 2007

Pay More to Live Here!

The rumors are flying:

1) Because there's no automatic gas-tax increase, your Republican legislators decided to increase your license-plate renewal fees.

That's to show you who's really in charge (hint: they're called RoadBuilders.)

2) The smokers and the MD's have been tossed under the bus. $1.00/pack increase in cig taxes, a $200 million raid on a 'segregated' fund coming from MD's pockets (or your health-cost.)

Which means that the MDs will be moving out of State, and the smokers will be using on-line purchases (or more exotic devices) to purchase cigarettes off-the-books.

3) Apparently the K-R-M train will cost another tax increase of some sort...yet TBA.

4) DarthDoyle's "magic College" deal is in--so those taxpayers who remain in the State 4 years or longer from now will have to pay a LOT more in taxes.

Summed up: about $700 million in new taxes over 2 years, plus the downtrack "college" liability.

The Southeastern part of the USA looks more and more attractive every week.


The Badgerland Conservative said...

Mike Huebsch caved like a house of cards. Typical glass jaw. Tired of all the pounding from the special interest groups.

The GutlessOP deserves to lose control of the Assembly as well if this passes.

xxxxxx said...

W*H*Y do we stay here? My husband doesn't have a regular job in town!!

I love Wisconsin and don't want to leave. But these flipping---oh don't get me started!