Sunday, October 14, 2007

BushBots: Please Shut Up, Already!

Not exactly the way the most polite Ms. Noonan phrased it, but you get the drift.

Following Dan Bartlett's bashing of Thompson, Huckabee, Romney, (et al), Ms. Noonan thought it appropriate to remind us of Dan Bartlett's credentials:

Now, you wouldn't think an adviser who helped steer a president to a sundered base, a flattened party and some of the lowest approval ratings since such polling began, would feel free to be so critical of others in politics. Profound modesty as to the depth of one's own savvy might be in order.

And Ms. Noonan, like most of us, noticed something else:

One of the few candidates Mr. Bartlett had nothing bad to say about was Rudy Giuliani, which suggests to me what I hear from those who visit the White House may be true: The president has decided it's Rudy.

Perhaps that's why Mark Levin specifically mentioned Washington DC as the southern end of the New York City/DC "Axis of Rudeeeeee!"

She does have a suggestion for twitty-snippy 'small men' like Bartlett:

But it's something I often wonder: Why don't people in Washington go home anymore? I'm reading Michael Korda's serene and gracious tribute to Dwight Eisenhower, "Ike: An American Hero," and stopped dead at this part. The day his White House successor, JFK, was inaugurated, "in the middle of a heavy snowstorm, [Ike] and Mamie left quietly and unobtrusively . . . grateful that they were no longer the focus of attention, and drove the eighty miles to Gettysburg."

Oh for those days. And that sort.


HT: RedState

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