Friday, September 28, 2007

"Cheap" Employees vs. The Customer

Clayton has a problem with his HP. (He ain't the first. NONE of my family member will ever again purchase an HP laptop. It's better to purchase a car which was underwater for several months than an HP laptop.)

In any case, he also discovers something: that there IS a computer manufacturer who does not outsource its customer service to "cheap labor" countries.

A reader points out that someone has taken up the challenge. Gateway advertises:
Now offering 100% North America-based telephone technical support.

That would not necessarily have prevented Clayton's problem--nor does Gateway necessarily have better customer-support software and systems.

But it would have saved him a lot of time just in repeating numbers over and over and over and over...

It is becoming more clear (albeit we're 5 years away from the 'tipping point,') that outsourcing for "cheap labor" is NOT the answer. Whether it's junk (or poison) parts, llllloooooooonnnnng shipping delays, or the inability to understand plain English--sooner or later the customer simply goes away.

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Anonymous said...

Don't buy HP? Fine, never buy anything from Best Buy- they are the biggest rip off I've ever seen.
They don't stand behind thier products or their warranties.