Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burmaster Can't Read (the Signs)

The 'reading gap' in Wisconsin is bad.

But the 'reading gap' of Eliz. Burmaster, our Chief of Education, is worse--because she either cannot or will not state the obvious.

Burmaster said the high and rising level of poverty in Wisconsin was a big factor behind the gaps. She said she wanted to know whether other states had the same proportions of students from low-income homes as Wisconsin.

"It's not just an achievement gap," she said. "It's an economic gap. It's a gap in health. It's a quality of life gap. All of those things influence student achievement."

While you're looking at the "poverty level," Liz, why don't you look at the INTACT FAMILIES level? You remember--daddy, mommy, children.

Or, to put it another way, Liz, don't let your PC confuse you with the appearances.


Anonymous said...

Don't you consider intact nuclear families part of "quality of life"?

That said, you must also recognize the fact that an intact family is not always the best option. Not if one of the parents is abusive, violent, addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, etc. After years of working with kids in foster care, I truly do believe that some people are better off without the abuseive/neglectful parent in their life.

On a side note, which came first, the limited education, the broken family, the poverty, or the drug addiction?

Dad29 said...

There are ALWAYS exceptions, Capper. (And thanks for your work with foster children!!!)

In answer to your second question: none of the above.

The entire set of problems arrived with the fall of Adam. Or, if you prefer, the mis-understanding of "ends" in human life.

In short, the rise of Materialism and the concomitant rise of self-satisfaction vs. the common good and clear understanding of eschatology.

Any other questions?

capper said...

Ok, now we have had your theophilosophical rationale for the cause, do you have any practical solutions? I do believe it may be too late to take the forbidden fruit out of the mouths of Adan and Eve.

Also, why is there air? ;)

Dad29 said...

You miss the point.

There is a 'solution' for the problem, but it is NOT "more money."

It's a matter of "more preaching" in a number of ways--not only from the pulpits, but also from others who hold a 'bully pulpit' in secular venues.

If that doesn't happen, there will NEVER be enough money.

capper said...

The key point to "more preaching" is to have respectable preachers. The "Do as I say, not as I do" crowd only discredits the message. That would be like Bill Clinton preaching about fidelity, Bush preaching about diplomacy, or me preaching about physical fitness.