Wednesday, September 19, 2007

State Senate's Robson On the Hot Seat

Nurse Judy is on her way to becoming "Nurse Death" for many school districts and municipalities.

...the Assembly on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would fund two of the most expensive programs - public schools and local governments.

Democrats, who control the state Senate, have promised to not take up the bill passed by the Assembly.

...Kreuser noted that Republicans, who control the Assembly, had agreed to go along with most of the school-aid levels recommended by Doyle and Senate Democrats. Under the bill passed Tuesday, aid for public schools would total a record $6 billion in the year that started July 1, and $6.3 billion the following year.

That's a lot of candy in the dish, Rep. Kreuser. Let's hope you have some idea how that will be paid for without ANOTHER addition to the Burden We Call Wisconsin Living...

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