Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pubbies STILL Don't Get Subsidiarity (Can You Spell Federalism?)

In another action yesterday, the Republican Assembly voted to continue interfering in local decisionmaking, limiting prop-tax increases to 2% or the % increase of new construction, whichever is greater.

It's a "feel good" thing; in effect, the State controls revenues of the locals, regardless of circumstance.

Maybe the concept of "Federalism" is not enshrined in the Wisconsin Constitution (there, it would be referred to as 'subsidiarity.') Regardless, that concept should be honored by people who call themselves "conservatives."

Oh, well. Pandering is the new Republican thing--and suicide. Just ask Congressional Pubbies.

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Anonymous said...

Actually there is no "federalism" in the Wisconsin Consititution. There is no such thing as "home rule" either.

The state authorizes the existence of local governments including a broad power to regualte.

What we do have is a state provision that says - if you want the extra state revenue to pad your budget, then slow your growth.

We also have countless state aid programs designed to hold down property taxes.

This particular state edict, can be bypassed by any municipality, as long as they ask the voters. That doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.