Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cops Whining About Getting Tickets

I didn't believe it, either, until I read the posts on this site.

Obviously, the image and the reality differ. "Professional Courtesy" waivers for "testing the top-end of my new 'Vette"?

What jackasses.


Billiam said...

Over the years, my respect for cops has suffered many blows. I've seen so many violate the very Laws they nail us "little people" for, and am quite disgusted by it. Yes, I have seen them do heroic things, as well. I also believe that most are decent. Problem is, over the years, the ones I see ignoring what the rest of us can't, is growing. This, more than anything else, is troubling.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that was disgusting. I just wonder what they think of the officer who gave his wife a DUI ticket in Nevada. BTW, she got out of the ticket, apparently the DA up there still believes in the good old boy system.