Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soros: It's the Money, Stupid!

The Captain interviewed a woman who gets it, in part.

Monica Showalter of Investors Business Daily takes a look ...

IBD believes that Soros works as a political nihilist. Showalter, in her interview on Wednesday's Heading Right Radio broadcast live from IBD's offices, says that Soros has a pattern of undermining government institutions and democratic processes. He uses instability to make money in his currency speculation, racking up billions while nations reel from the effects of his trading.

But I think that Showalter draws the wrong conclusion:

...Showalter believes that's intended to force a sovereign UN-based government on the world rather than the nation-state model.

No, Monica. You can reduce Soros' MO to just the "making billions" part. Soros may tell folks that he's a Globaloney Believer who wants Whirled Peas.

But you'd be a damn fool to believe it.

It's the money, honey.

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