Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kathy Saile: The USCCB's Emerging Problem

HT: Gerald, who obtained the info from another blogger.

Saile's own words:

My first thoughts were of celebratory moments - a victory at the legislature, a liturgy to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, breaking bread with a new friend during a worthy campaign.

Nothing wrong with petitioning God for justice for all. But MLK was not a Catholic--sorry, guys, we have St. Peter Claver to talk about.

"U.S. policy on immigration is so harsh that once they are here, it's too risky to go back to Mexico," Saile said. "We say we are a society with family-based values, but our policy is destroying that."

If "family-based values" don't include respect for the law, you're in the wrong family, honey.

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