Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If "Fatherless" Is Correct, Abp. Dolan Has More Work to Do

Just sorta came across this (StatCounter is wunnerful...wunnerful.)

Frankly, nothing here is surprising, but the use of direct quotations is unusual unless one actually tape-recorded the conversations.

Discussions with our new “pastor” about the new liturgical practices that violate Redemptionis Sacramentum include such “pastoral” comments as:

“I will not celebrate the Liturgy in a way that makes ME uncomfortable.” (This is in reference to calling God “Father” and praying the Eucharistic Prayers as written.)

Poor 'Fatherless.' He must have missed the last 20 years of "I Gotta Be MEEEEEE!!!"

“Your previous Pastors (who celebrated the Mass according to the GIRM and Redemptionis Sacramentum) did the parish no favors and poorly formed the parish when it comes to Liturgical practice.”

(Unimaginative morons, they...)

“The Archbishop has not fully implemented the GIRM and Redemptionis Sacramentum in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.”

(That may be news to the Archbishop of Milwaukee...)

“I am not sticking my neck out here as there are parishes in other parts of the Archdiocese that celebrate the Mass in a more liberal way than I do and are not required to change.”

When telling “Father” that his actions are dividing the parish his comment is: “Maybe that needs to happen.” So much for being concerned about the church community.

(See "I Gotta Be MEEEEEE!!!!" above)

And my person favorite: “If I have a choice between listening to you (Fatherless Catholic) and listening to Bishop Sklba, I will listen to Bishop Sklba.”

(Translation: Bp. Sklba tickles my ears. You don't. Get lost.)

Hmmmmmm. I guess Archbishop Dolan does not matter in this. an Archdiocese which is chock-full of Liturgeist/Dissenting priests, one hesitates to guess the precise Parish in which this set of scandals is occurring.

It would be sorta like guessing which part of Lake Michigan is wet.

Note to 'Fatherless:' Try St. Anthony's, 9th/Mitchell, 10:00 AM Sundays--or for a REAL treat, try St Stan's, 5th/Mitchell, 10:00 AM Sundays.

Better to go to Mass and thank God afterwards than to go and think about ways to strangle puppies...

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