Friday, September 21, 2007

Wisconsin Gummint at Work

These are the poeple that Nurse Rached Robson wants to manage your healthcare.

...we examined 2006 daily revenue recorded in the State’s Data Collection System and found instances for every day of the year in which amounts recorded by electronic meters differed
from amounts counted by casino staff by at least 3.0 percent and more than $25. In discussing this issue with the Division, we found that it was unaware of almost all of the differences we identified and could not readily determine their causes.

One of the primary reasons the Legislature and Governor authorized the expenditure of approximately $1.0 million for the development and support of the Data Collection System through FY 2006-07 was to assist the Division in ensuring the integrity of Indian gaming by allowing it to readily identify instances in which amounts recorded by electronic meters in the gaming devices differ from amounts collected and counted by casino staff. Although the
Division reviews many important financial controls implemented by casinos,
it has not routinely used the Data Collection System to identify these differences, which are important in identifying
potential irregularities in gaming operations and financial reporting that cannot be identified from other controls the Division reviews. Moreover, we found that from March 2006 through April 2007, the Division did not review data maintained by casinos to determine
whether the tribes routinely identified, investigated, and documented differences between amounts recorded by electronic meters and amounts counted by casino staff, as compacts require.

Wisconsin's Gaming Control folks are just plain....underperforming.

You don't want to THINK about how sloppy procedures like these could impact your spouse's heart surgery...


The Badgerland Conservative said...

Robson is just Shrillary at a state level.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly when I read this in Saturday's JS. The article next to it on page one was further discomforting.