Thursday, September 27, 2007

That's It for Miller; Now It Will Be .410 Target

My home, my choice!

I've never really liked Miller Brewing products--the "Lite" beer is froggy-water with yellow coloring, anyway; the only decent formula they have was purchased, and the "High Life" label gives people headaches.

But Miller has chosen its markets carefully. Fine.

Going forward, no Miller at this residence. I don't care if you bring your own; the 12-packs will be emptied by a single blast from my .410 shotgun.

I, too, can "choose"--or if you prefer, "UN-choose."


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Miller pulled it's ad. What more do you want?

Dad29 said...

They did NOT pull their SUPPORT.

That's what I want--and it's not going to happen.

Therefore, none of their pisswater here. Ever. Again.

Anonymous said...

Why did you choose a 410?

Dad29 said...

Practical reasons.

A shotgun will demolish an entire case of beer (canned) with 1 or two rounds. Why use more ammo--pistol or rifle?

The OTHER practical reason: I own a .410, not a 12ga. I'd prefer the 12ga., but ...maybe next year.

Brother James said...

You can replace the foamy puddle of Miller with Coors, the beer avoided by the fruit lobby. It used to be the case, and may still be, that Coors is not served in gay bars, because of an ongoing boycott.

So, you wanna make some gay activist mad, give him/her/it a Coors.

Anonymous said...

Lakefront and Capital Breweries are fine choices. I haven't had a Miller product for about a year now.

Life is too short for cheap beer.

Random10 said...

Ditto AB above. Capital Island Wheat is a fine brew.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

Budweiser here. I'll have to pick up a 12 pack of Miller just for you to use as target practice.

Clare Zajicek said...

sadly, my family actually liked miller before. now we've gotta stick with shiner bock. :p