Thursday, September 13, 2007

Georgetown Theologian Under Vatican Investigation

Well, doh!

The Vatican and U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are investigating the writings of a well-known American theologian who has analyzed how the Catholic faith relates to other religions.

The inquiry's focus is the Rev. Peter Phan, of Georgetown University, a Vietnamese-American priest from the Dallas diocese and former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America.

...According a story published in the National Catholic Reporter on Wednesday, the Vatican raised concerns that Phan's 2004 book, "Being Religious Interreligiously," is "notably confused on a number of points of Catholic doctrine and also contains serious ambiguities."

"Notable confusion" has never been a bar to CTSA Presidency.


Jeff Miller said...

Not a bar but a requirement for CTSA.

RAG said...

I sometimes ponder whether there is a special place in the theological place of eternal punishment for theologians and other religious nitpickers.

Moses only needed ten commandments and people have a hard time keeping them. Amazing how so many people can cloud up and otherwise obfuscate and corrupt faith.

Maybe someday God will have reached the boiling point on this and when she does, watch out!