Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pelosi: "Rules Are for Suckas"

Congressmen Drier, Hastings,, are releasing a report today on the Dysfunctional Democrat-run House Rules Committee.

Our report, entitled “Out of Order,” details a Democrat Rules Committee operated by partisan advantage, invoking the following heavy-handed tactics:

• Rewriting bills to include massive tax increases and Medicare cuts with no debate.
• Rejecting more Minority-sponsored amendments than the previous Congress.
• Issuing more than double the number of closed rules prohibiting amendments than the previous Congress.
• Reducing by an entire day the amount of time Members have to review legislation and submit amendments for consideration.
• Adopting a policy of turning some Members of Congress away at the door of the Committee when they attempt to submit amendments.
• Abandoning its pledges for regular order in the House by jamming through huge bills with less than 24 hours for review.

In a desperate effort to keep the legislative process from seeing the light of day, the Democrat Majority have repeatedly waived long-standing precedent and transparency measures. The result has been a disorganized and chaotic House as the Majority party has proven that political expediency is the Democrat’s #1 virtue.

Order, of course, proceeds from an orderly mind. There are two elements there, folks: 1) a mind; and 2) 'orderly.'

What we have in the DemDominated Congress is Will--not Mind.

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