Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The $600 Million Double-Dare: Will Robson/Doyle Blink?

The Republican Assembly (and a few Dems therein) will shortly pass a 'partial' budget, covering school and municipal aids for the upcoming biennium.

The bill contains a lot to dislike--especially the part which maintains the HUGE subsidy-level for the City of Milwaukee. In general, it's a "spend as usual" bill. How do I know that?


It's virtually the same bill as proposed by DarthDoyle.

In any case, if the bill fails to pass the State Senate, or if DarthDoyle vetoes it, there will be consequences--specifically, about $600 million in prop-tax increases.

So will the Senate "Leader" Nurse Rached Robson refuse to pass the bill and force $600 million in tax-increases on residents of the State?

Will DarthDoyle veto it and force $600 million in tax increases?


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