Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Suicide by Multi-Culturalism? B-16's Call to Lepanto

Ever wonder why Benedict XVI spoke as he did at Regensburg? Or on the Western conceit of 'relativism'? Or more recently, on the topic of "religious freedom"?

It's because the State Departments of the 'civilized' West STILL don't get it. And even if they did, they don't have the moral capital to say what they have to on the topic.

Fortunately, Robert Spencer does.

...Six years after 9/11, and a year and a half after Donald Rumsfeld observed that “We need to find ways to win the ideological battle as well,” the jihadists’ ideological challenge is not being answered adequately. Osama’s challenge to Christianity and advocacy of Sharia is an opportunity for Western leaders to stress the aspects of Judeo-Christian civilization that Sharia law denies: notably the equality of dignity of men and women and the freedom of conscience. But no Western leader will do this, because it would contradict the multiculturalist dogma that no civilization or culture has any virtues that any others do not possess.

...even conservative media figures are hesitant to discuss the cultural conflict. The ideological challenge that the jihadists are making to the West remains the single most misunderstood aspect of the war on terror. As Osama invites us once again to accept Islam, probably very few Americans would be able to articulate why they wouldn’t want to accept the invitation, and yet talk of Sharia and how it contradicts basic Western understandings of human rights remain taboo.

So the West, paralyzed by its 'multi-culturalism' (which of course is derived from relativism), is unable to articulate a response to Bin Laden and his followers. And just as in the last major go-round with the Muslims, it is the Church who takes up the challenge.

Let's hope it works again.

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