Monday, September 24, 2007

I Feel Pretty: Pinky Pinky Bang-Bang

So far, neither Guns and Ammo nor The American Rifleman has mentioned this.

... the two girls were immediately drawn to a rifle and a youth shotgun.

But it wasn't the firepower of the guns that attracted the girls' attention. It was a color: Call it blaze pink.

Say what?

Gander Mountain and the Cabela's in Richfield - which was selling a pink pistol the other day, along with two pink long guns - are displaying more than promoting pink firearms.

But the decidedly feminine form of a traditionally male pursuit may be catching on.
Hanson said the pink rifle sold well enough last year in its first season in Gander Mountain stores that the pink shotgun was added late this summer.

The deer will laugh themselves to death. No need for ammo, folks.

By the way, there IS a group self-named "the Pink Pistols," who are handgun-owner homosexuals.


Headless Blogger said...

Christmas shopping for the ladies in my life just got a whole lot easier.

Radish said...

I've never understood the "stuff won't appeal to women unless it's pink" mindset, but apparently most women really are pink-loving sheep. Aaargh.