Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is Chisholm NOT Prosecuting??

From the blog of a former Milwaukee County prosecutor:

Our former boss, E. Michael McCann, used to say at staff meetings (125 ADAs, 5 DDAs, and him) that there was not a room in the state that had a gathering of finer trial attorneys. That remains true to this day -- although our current emphasis on not prosecuting crimes may result in change. The current "General Crimes" ADAs function less as a trial attorney than as a bureaucrat; are less an advocate for the impoverished and the victimized than a social worker deciding how not to hold offenders responsible for their actions. I only hope they realize the folly of "Deferred Prosecutions" and "Diversions," and re-establish a firm but fair set of policies for fighting crime and improving the justice system in Milwaukee County.

Well, that's interesting.

HT: Proof and Hearsay

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Anonymous said...

Very good observations.

Unfortunately, the legislature and especially Gov. Doyle have refused to properly fund the prosecution network which means better deals for criminals.

Our system is so messed up that in many places clerical staff makes more money than the attorneys.

Of course, if the system was properly staffed and funded, then maybe there'd be enough time and resources to look at corrupt politicians.