Friday, September 21, 2007

Sad News for U of D-Mercy

Small world, sorta. The Jebby mentioned here spent many hours in a classroom with me.

(But he was the contrast, I managed to graduate.)

In an update of sorts to my coverage of the relatively recent controversy involving the University of Detroit Mercy — which had advertised job opportunities at Planned Parenthood, among other scandalous items — a UDM alumnus who had given nearly $200,000 to the university "will never give them another dime.

"The alumnus, Tom (not his real name), who works for a major German bank in Chicago, reports that about two years ago, he met with Maureen Fay, then-outgoing UDM president, Father Gerard Stockhausen, S.J., then-incoming (and current) president, and F. Thomas Lewand, UDM board of trustees chair, "about this exact issue."

"I was prepared to make a gift of $3 million to UDM upon my death," said Tom, via e-mail. "I asked that these [pro-abortion] links and Web sites be removed. I was blown off, so I had UDM removed as a beneficiary from my estate.Tom said that Father Stockhausen treated him in a very abrupt and cavalier manner, even telling him "I see nothing wrong with these organizations. They do a lot of good."

The same article goes on to mention that the "job placement" with Planned Parenthood has apparently been 'disappeared' from the UD-Mercy website.

One always wonders what happened to guys with umpty years of Catholic education (and who were obviously the smartest people in the room) when they make remarks such as reported above. But hey--Fr. Stockhausen--good luck with that.

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