Friday, September 21, 2007

Bush and Biden, LOST in a Tree...

It seems that Our President is indeed a lineal descendant of old "Globaloney George" Bush I.

With all the critical problems facing America today, it's hard to see why President Bush is wasting whatever is left of his political capital to partner with Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., to try to get the Senate to ratify the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty.

This piece of dung was dumped years ago--but evidently someone forgot the stake in its heart.

The treaty has already been ratified by 155 countries. Most of them no doubt expect corrupt U.N. bureaucrats to divvy up the riches at the bottom of the sea, which will be brought to the surface by U.S. investment and technology, and parcel them out to Third World dictators to support themselves in the lavish style to which they would like to become accustomed.
The treaty even gives the Authority something U.N. bureaucrats have lusted after for years: the authority to impose international taxes (disguised by euphemisms such as fees and royalties).

WARNING: Asinine-Argument Alert (First Class):

The Bush administration argues that the United States needs the treaty to protect U.S. interests in the world's oceans and to ensure that the U.S. Navy can go where it needs to go. The problem with that argument is that if the U.S. signs and ratifies the treaty, America will be bound to abide by its decisions.

Based on U.S. experience in other international organizations such as the World Trade Organization, decisions will usually be contrary to U.S. security and economic interests. The U.S. Navy can already go wherever it needs to go, and it should remain that way.

How in the Hell GWB can argue that "we need it so that the Navy can go where it needs to..." is beyond me. Maybe that was actually Biden's yappaflappa...

Time for another burial at sea. Maybe this time it won't pop out again.

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